fyrelab is a software developer and distribution platform established by a team of 6 students as a part of a software project at the University of Konstanz, Germany, with the codename Babyfon. Later this project was renamed to fyrelab sentri.

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Our values

our values

  • communication

    Keeping a strong relationship with the users and customers enables us to design great and convenient software solutions. We are always open to suggestions and ideas.

  • community

    We believe in the power of the community. So we release the source code of our projects and provide an open api for developers to create extensions and expand the system. Giving everyone the chance to contribute to a great user experience.

  • creativity

    fyrelab is searching for new and innovative solutions. We want to offer unique features and possibilities that convince and excite our users.

  • accessibility

    Our software is designed to be intuitive and fast. Easy installation and use are top priorities.

  • user freedom

    We want to give enthusiasts the opportunity to adjust the software exactly to their needs as easy as possible. So our systems provide extensive advanced options.

  • quality

    Code quality through testing and care, consistent code style, use of the most recent technologies and complete documentation. fyrelab is following high quality standards to achieve stability, speed and maintainability of our software.